About Me

Elizabeth Crockford is a visual media artist who will be receiving a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2020. Visual Media combines Elizabeth’s love for photography, graphic design and social media marketing. She is a self- sufficient learner who is a problem-solver and loves the challenge of working with a client’s vision. As a social media content producer, Elizabeth combines all her diverse visual skills into a brand concept that is both clean and colorful.


I am a client-oriented problem-solver who creates visuals that express my own ideas in addition to being highly tuned in to what the client is looking for. I integrate pops of fun colors that are simple and clean to produce fantastic social media content. My experience as a content producer for the local community college’s Freshman Orientation Instagram account helped me become efficient in creating visual content. I am also known for my Instagram captions that perfectly pair with the visuals. Through this experience as a content producer, I learned that I love visually marketing items and events to viewers using Instagram.

Contact me by email:

elizabethcrockford1 [at] gmail [dot] com